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One Roof Thrift Store


Not only does the One Roof Thrift Store allow us to provide clothing, furniture and household goods to families in need, it also pays our bills - our sensational store pays the operating costs of our agency - and that allows us to take your donation and put it to right back into the community, to take care of the most vulnerable among us.

Food Pantry


 Since 1985, the Coweta Community Food Pantry has served those who are hungry.  

Clients can come every month to pick up a box filled with canned goods, breads, staples...fresh fruits and vegetables as donated - and even meat.

Partnering with the superwomen of the Newnan Junior Service League and supported by their annual Can-A-Thon, we also offer kid bags with peanut butter, jelly, cereal and snacks. 

Assistance Ministry


We know that everyone hits hard times.

When you've been injured on the job, or that major car repair takes next months rent...we're here with financial assistance for families in crisis. 

Working on a case by case basis, One Roof pays bills for those going through a tough situation that is not of their making.  The goal is always the same: Keep families together, stable, healthy and in their homes.

About Us

Community Outreach and Services

Other Services...

Emergency Housing... In the absence of a Shelter for those who are experiencing homelessness, One Roof operates as Coweta County's 'Triage Station' - taking families, especially those with young children, and putting them into hotels temporarily.  Sadly, we never have enough funds to house everyone who asks.

Hard Goods... Through our Thrift Store, One Roof is able to provide folks with clothing, kitchen items, household goods and even furniture when life takes things away. 

How You Can Help

  • Pray!  Please keep us and those we serve in your thoughts.
  • Contribute!  Because the Thrift Store pays the bills, every dollar of your donation goes back out the door to help our community.
  • Donate!   Bring your gently used items to our thrift store.  Donations can be dropped off any time the store is open - Monday thru Saturday, 10 to 4. 
  • Donate BIG!  Got a working car your family no longer needs? Please consider donating it to our 'Working Cars for Working Folks' program. Coweta is a tough place to live and work without wheels. 
  • Give!  We love to see personal care items - like toothpaste, shampoo or soap - come in the door; we promise, our clients really appreciate them.  The Food Pantry also needs these things: fruit,  peanut butter & jelly, condiments and baking goods.
  • Volunteer!  Help us in the office or thrift store.  We simply couldn't do what we do without our volunteers - they make all the difference.
  • Serve!  One Roof works with NEST to provide a warming center for our homeless population on nights when the temperature dips below 35 degrees.  Serve the most vulnerable among us by staffing the center or providing dinner or breakfast. 

Tell Your Friends!

We offer services to hundreds of people a month and we need as many people in our community to be aware and to support us.  

Our Donors & Supporters


St. Paul's Episcopal Church 

Gillespie Contracting Inc.

One Hundred Women of Coweta

Central Baptist Church

Newnan Kiwanis

Coweta Community Foundation

Coweta Fayette Trust

First United Methodist Church

Young Boozer Family Foundation

The Spradlin Family

The Reppard Jones Foundation

John and Jennifer Lovell

Norman & June Hardy

Mrs. Charlotte Hurley

Turin United Methodist Church                    Annie & Karey Kay Walter                     

Cathedral of Christ the King                          Rose Marie Arndt                                    

Liberty Christian Church                                Corinne Cannon                                                                                   

Yamaha                                                             Jane Duenckel

Lara's Ladies                                                    The Barber Family

Moreland United Methodist Church            Janet Thomas

Anita Carter                                                      Nancy Aaron

Gayle Bishop                                                    The Campbell Family

The White Family                                             The Josey Family

Carolyn Martin                                                 Rosemary Ginger

The Rode Family                                              J. R. Isak

T. Lauriston Hardin                                         The Watkiss Family

Ann Kerlin                                                        David and Jan Gregory

Lela Brown                                                       The Jackson Family

Nancy Martin                                                   The Moor Family

William Keir                                                      The Boyd Family

The Schmidt Family                                         The Tamplin Family

The Moore Family                                            Carolyn Evans

W. Homer Drake                                               Stacy Dove Lucchesi

Mike Cannon                                                     Jack Peek Sales

Dr. Malcolm Henry Cole Jr                              The Mallehan Family

The Cortez Family                                            The Palmer Family

Marian Lee                                                        Cheryl Peterson

The Busby Family                                            The Simmons Family

The Cranford Family                                       Church of Life

Carol Lee Shankel                                           Mrs. Melinda Mansour

J. Smith Lanier & Co.                                       Citizens of Georgia Power

The Exner Family                                            Mary J. Mills

The Stuckey Family                                        Margaret Bass

The Marsh Family                                           Karen G. Webb

Benjamin G. Spivey                                       John & Caroline Abbey III

Jeffery & Cynthia Render                              Pamela White 

The Waldron Family                                      Pat W. Richmond

Cornerstone  UMC                                        Kay & Brian Lewis

Mrs. Silverlene J. Kindle                               Marc & Mary Francis Honea

Pat & Gene Craven                                       Dick & Cwyn Kozma

Mrs. Betty Schmidt                                      Mary Ben Christiansen

John & Susan Green                                    The White Oak Monday/Thursday Group

Liberty Christian Church/Christian Women's Fellowship

In Memory of  Dorothy Jewel Richardson                           Dr. Malcolm & Ann Cole

In Honor of  Candy & David Waldron                                  Sherry & Doug Waldron

In Honor of  Raymond Crumbley                                         Anonymous

In Honor of  Sherry & Doug Waldron                                  Candace & David Waldron

In Honor of  Dr. & Mrs. Harry Barrow                                  Kenneth Moore

In Honor of   Robin Miller & Billy Arnall                               William Starnes

In Honor of  Danny Bishop                                                    Gayle Bishop

In Honor of Don Doggrell's 80th!                                          Joe Brooks

In Honor of  Rev Kyle Mackey & Mary Rose Best              Candy & David Waldron

2018 Board of Directors

Dr. Ann Kerlin - President

Pat Richmond - Vice President

Jenni Parnell - Secretary

Dick Shaffer

Gina Watkiss

John Kirkland

Jane Duenckel

Dr. David Gregory 

Frankie Hardin - Executive Director


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One Roof Ecumenical Alliance Outreach

255 Temple Avenue, Newnan, GA 30263, GA 30263, US

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Thrift Store 

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Sunday: Closed


If you need food, clothing, or other assistance, please come to the office to fill out an intake application. We serve Coweta residents, so be sure to bring an ID or bill showing where you live.  

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1pm to 4pm

255 Temple Ave, Newnan, GA 30263